Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Gallery

Here's where you'll see pics of the fans in their Cure shirts or photos of the shirts themselves.

My shirts at the Myspace Secret Show in LA! 12:13 Dream!

The Cure Myspace Secret Show @ The Troubadour

The Cure Myspace Secret Show @ The Troubadour

Nightmare Shirt Signed!

I gave the band a bunch of shirts made especially for them at the Carson Daly taping in LA on 12/12/08. I got one of them back, signed by the band! Thanks Keith!!!

Signed Shirt

Rev Cats
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Morris and the Rev Cats :D

Cure fans rule!

Me and Davis Petterson from The Ghosts Project at their concert in SLC.

-- from halo969

-- from Sara Batson

-- from Sara Batson

Cure fan Chris says hello!

With Shane, my awesome tattoo artist!
With my awesome tattoo artist Shane

I see you
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christl d. said...

looking good everyone! excellent design rev, a marriage that couldnt be more perfect