Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lovecats - Ornate Design

*Available NOW!* Sorry, this teeshirt is out of stock.
This teeshirt is printed in shiny distressed gold foil on black shirts. The design is inspired by the yin / yang symbol, and each cat holds a heart in the contrasting color. The heart on the top says lovecats and the one on the bottom says "The Cure" in the logo design from "The Top" era. The text, starting at the top, says "then curl up by the fire and sleep for a while, its the grooviest thing, its the perfect dream" and the border is decorated with distressed hearts and stars among the swirls. All this, and it doesn't cost $65!

This is the Ornate version of this design. Check out the detail of the distressed gold foil on the border and the cats:

Lovecats Ornate Design Gold Foil


lisalovecat said...

I LOVE this design and figured out how to order-lol... you rock rev !!

Junko said...

Thank you very much for the shirt. I really love it! I'll be wearing it at the Vegas show in April.:-D