Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cure Kick Ass Stickers!

Do the Cure Kick ASS? Yes, yes they do.

Just in time for Robert's birthday
Just in time for the 201st episode of South Park (with Robert Smith!)
Just in time to rock your socks off

Now you can get a limited edition high quality gloss vinyl sticker of my own personal homage to The Cure and Robert Smith's appearance on South Park. This design is my own drawing of the Cure as they would appear as South Park characters.

Look closely and you'll see just how finely detailed this drawing is, from the design on Porl's guitar to the stickers on Robert's guitar, to Simon's forearm tattoo, this artwork was drawn by a true Cure fan. The sticker is 3" x 4" and was created with silkscreen ink on a very high quality UV laminated outdoor glossy vinyl so it will live happily for years on your laptop, car or anywhere else you'd like it to be. You can see the difference in ink thickness on the photos below, these suckers will last and last without fading. Since I want these to last on MY car, I made sure to create only the best so that they will last for you too!

Plus, this sticker comes with a small "cell phone size 1" square" bonus sticker featuring my "Robert is my Homeboy" design!

The stickers are 3.99 each and shipping in the USA is only .75. Shipping internationally is 1.50. These prices are for up to 2 stickers, if you want  more than this, please email me at and I can give you the pricing.

3.99 sticker plus mail