Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cure Kick ASS!

New! I have added a flickr set with some closeup and detailed photos of the design as it is printed! I have also added a photo of the teeshirt style that they are actually printed on. Check out the Cure Kick Ass! Teeshirt set here!

I finally got my stuff together and set up a paypal for my shirts! This design has it's origins when, several years ago, I wanted a teeshirt with the Robert Smith character from South Park on it. I couldn't find one to buy, so I made my own. Then a friend wanted Simon done, so I made some Simon ones. Then I got the idea that I wanted to do the whole band, and then give the band a teeshirt for each one of them. I'm happy to say that I was able to give them the shirts in Sunrise, FL (although I didn't toss them onstage, I was afraid they would get dirty or stepped on, so I gave them to their head of security.) So, many people have asked me for one, so I set up my paypal account to sell them. Now, I am selling them, but believe me, it's more a labor of love than anything else. I am NOT making scads of money on these, with the cost of teeshirts, shipping, ink and time. Not to mention how long it took me to draw the characters! So with the amount of time each one takes, I probably end up with about $3 overhead on each one, so they are only offered to fellow hardcore Cure fans and probably for a pretty limited time.

Teeshirt Q & A - Why digital printing? - Teeshirt Care Tips

I've gotten lots of questions and lots of feedback on this page, and so I've changed
a few things around to offer more options to people wanting these. Please change the quantity after you click the button if you'd like to order more than one.

FINALLY! I figured out the shipping costs to be much more accurate. Most of the shipping charges have gone down, and now I am shipping exclusively through the USPS, since they are much less expensive than the private services. Here are the new options, these prices are for shipping 1-2 SM-XL .shirts only. XXL and XXXL can only be shipped one per envelope, so if you order multiples of these shirts, I will contact you for shipping options.

US Priority - ships anywhere in continental US in 2-3 days - $5
US Express - ships anywhere in continental US 1-2 days - $16
International Priority - ships to most of Europe in 3-7 days - $13
International Express - ships to most of Europe in 2-5 days - $26



Unknown said...

awesome, i just bought one!!
Steve (with the cure tattoos)
I talked to you briefly after msg show

cure_kitty said...

I love the shirt! So cool, I'm going to order one right now!

Unknown said...

hi my name is tommie i met you at the cof gathering at fridays, i believe....nice job with the shrit, i thought it was really cool........

andythecurefan said...

rev - i ordered one and then on COF you said about it being a heat transfer something....

so im pretty dumb at doing laundry for myself, i just toss everything in.

is there any special care with this shirt i should take?

UpstairsRoom said...

Rev. Heron,

Hello there. I want a t-shirt but I'm not sure about sizes, they look like girl t-shirts and therefore, running small. Is this a safe assumption or are they standard size unisex t-shirts?

Thanks! :)

Rev. Heron said...

Upstairsroom, these are just standard unisex shirts, unless you need a different kind. Sorry the pic is misleading.

mock goth gurl said...

Hi Rev! I met you several times on the tour and enjoyed every minute of it. Love the shirt, I just bought on too! You're so creative!

Veronica :D

Mad Bob RJS said...

Hi Rev, I´m Mad Bob RJS.

Great designs.

How an i get a t-shirt from Mexico City ?

I hope you can take a look at my blog and add me: ( i already put a link to your site )

I really want a shirt !!!!!

Congratulations !!!

altr2elise said...

Hey Rev,
Any chance of getting the armpit to armpit measurements of the shirts (to help me work out which one I need - Australia sizing can be different to US).

Also, will the $15 postage cover the cost of shipping to Oz?

andythecurefan said...

hey rev,
for those who ordered yesterday? when can we expect our shirts? i was hoping to have mine by July 11th.



Shapes said...

Jo, I've sent lotsa stuff Fuji's way over the years, 15 usd should cover postage, but I'm sure Heron will let you know ;-)

Rev. Heron said...

Andy, most of them are ready to be shipped out tomorrow (7/2). Almost all of them will go via UPS for tracking and insurance purposes (hence, the $15 shipping fee) and US domestic will go mostly 2nd day air or 3-day select. You'll get an email with the tracking number, so you can know when to expect it!

Unknown said...

Great design!! I have one question that I hope isn't too lame...I'm wondering what the difference is between the "light cotton" and "heavy cotton" shirts in terms of fit and opacity. If I were to guess, I would assume that the fit and proportions are identical between the two versions of the same letter size-- with the difference being that you can tell exactly what kind of bra (or lack thereof) you're wearing under the "light cotton" version? Please let me know how off the mark I am, since my t-shirt collection is rather varied in that respect. Thanks so much...

jojopirateface said...

Hi I like the shirt And i really like this underneath the stars page I live in brighton Uk I was lucky enough to see wembly show and I also went to Barcelona .never saw underneath the stars you american gig goers so lucky .but thanks very much to every one for sending in posts to chain of flowers .it has made the cure tour an awesome expirience as i was happily looking forward to seeing set lists and great to see videos that kind people down loaded .this year has been cool was iast time ive been able to see cure for 5 years . thanks every one also I hope that they do a uk tour at some time as they have not done that for some time i realise its unlikly . but theres no harm in wanting it to happen. The T shirts are GREAT I ordered one yesterday Lots of love and good wishes to rev and all othet good folk of the Cure communitty JojoXXXXzip1234

goinghometime said...

Great shirt :)