Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who is this person?

The Rev? HaloCure? Bluheron? 

What's with all the names?

Hi there! This is my "About Me" page. I wanted to write a post and explain a little about all my "names".

First - Rev. Heron, or simply, Heron. This is the name that most people call me. I really am a Reverend (although of a very small church) Although some people may label us Pagan, we prefer to call it "non-denominational, Earth-based spirituality", since we honor many different forms of spirituality, including Hindu, Unitarian Universalist, Native American paths and other forms of belief which do not fall under the modern Western ideas of Paganism. I've been a Priestess for many years, and founded Sacred Circle in 2003. It's not "my" church, there are so many wonderful people that make it a reality, on a day-to-day basis, and it would be impossible to have our group exist without them. My personal path is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

HaloCure - I simply wanted a Cure-related name for my Cure videos account. I had no idea that my 4Tour videos would become so popular. I had the username Halo of Adonais as my Yahoo account for my Cure group there (Procure) but it was a little to long and hard to remember, so I shortened it to HaloCure. Halo is one of my very favorite Cure songs.

bluheron -  Since this was my "everything" account on Flickr, I just wanted something short and memorable.

Yes, I really do have pink in my hair :D I discovered the Cure in 1984 and have been a lifelong die-hard fan ever since. A few years ago, I made a little site called A Chain of Roberts where I put all my Cure-related things. You can still see things on there from past shows, but I will probably update this blog more often.

I'm married to a wonderful man and fellow lifelong Cure fan, and we have two Cure fans in the making. I decided in 2001 that the only news I cared about was Cure news, and I've been a daily reader of the Chain of Flowers website ever since.


Urno Talbot said...

Halo from Procure? now I finally know who you are, yeah Toni is a slow one, I think I met you at the pre shows in NYC too. I had problems w/paypal so cancelled my acct. I do want one of those shirts, can you take a regular credit card or a check? My email is, let me know if you get a chance. Toni/snakey

Singled out... said...

Hi... I was wondering if I could exchange a shirt I purchased. Could you send me an email and let me know.

Thanks so much!

BTW, The Cure and The Nightmare B4 christmas are two of my favorite things in the world - it blew my mind to see them combined. Thanks!

DzzyEdge said...

Hey You....Yes You! Now I finally know who you do such a GREAT JOB!
Thanks, TSky

lilisakurita said...

Hello HaloCure! I meet you before on youtube and I was amazed that you are doing this book for The Cure's 30 have no idea how happy I'am because this is an opportunity to reach Robert through your book. I made a huge poster banner (10 feet long by 5 feet wide)and I displayed it on teh concerts of LA, SD Cox Arena, and at Phoenix Arizona for the 4 tour. I got to meet Simon, Porl and Jason, but never did got a chance to meet Robert in person. I so much desire to meet him or to at least let him know how much I care for his music. I want him to see my huge banner that I made for him. I'll make my page for the book right away. Thank You so much!Cheers and thank you Lilia.

PleaseComeHome said...

now i know you at all! :)
this is Maria and i write from italy...
i'll be in London for sure so we could meet somewhere and everywhere.. i saw some picture of you with Laura (the girl dressed in red at the secret show), i knew her in Rome (coca-cola live@mtv), she's so nice!
well...i would like to ask you something, but i can't do this here... can you email me? if your answer is yes please this is my email
thanks a lot

PleaseComeHome said...


Rev. Heron said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments and questions. Yes you can do regular check for teeshirts, and I absolutely do shirt exchanges as long as the exchanged shirt is in new condition (i.e. it hasn't been washed or worn).

If you need to contact me you can find my address on this page:

and my email address is bluheron (funny at thing) gmail dot com or you can hit my profile link and my email link under where it says Contact: email.

Abbie Rose said...

oh, my goth! YOU'RE the genius that came up with a chain of roberts?! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SITE! :) and, this one, of course. x, abbie

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just wanted to inform you that I and a friend are starting a new Cure fanzine and were wondering whether you are interested! We are hoping to get the first issue out by the end of March.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rev or whatever you name is. Anyways, I'm curious to know about this 30 year anniversary book that you're making. Is it a gift for the Cure? Or is it something that will be published? Its not making sense to me. From what I understand you are just a cure fan and I could tell from your "about me" page and that fact that I saw you after the Brixton awards show in London. You were outside with other "hardcore" (extremely rude chainofflowers) cure fans trying to meet Robert Smith in the alley. What I am trying to say is how are you going to get this book to the band if you are just a fan? What connections do you have with the Cure? This may be none of my buisness and you dont have to respond my questions if its to straight foward to you. But this 30 anniversary book is something I may want to participate in. I just want to know how does a cure fan like you get the opportunity to do something that I could do myself or any Cure fan do themselves?

Rev. Heron said...

Hi lovetwiggy,
Yes I am just a Cure fan :D

The 30th Anniversary Book will be given to the Cure, and only "published" as photos on my blog. So the actual physical book with all the artwork and pages in it will go to Robert and the band.

I guess the answer is, I get to do this project and give it to the band because it's something I wanted to do, so I made it happen, and other people were happy to support the idea by sending pages in. You absolutely could do a project like this if you wanted to, of course.