Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Teeshirt Ordering FAQ

Quick FAQ -

Ordering multiples?

Click the size / type of shirt you want, then hit Buy Now. You can change the quantity on the next page.

Different shirt types / sizes in the same order?

You have to complete the order for one type / size and then return and do the next. I will combine shipping and refund extra shipping charges as necessary. (I'm sorry , but it's a bit of a limited shopping cart and there isn't a good way around that.)

WRONG size? Please contact me, I do returns as long as you cover shipping. If I made the mistake, I'll do my best to make things right.

What are the sizes / dimensions?
Crew Neck Teeshirt Dimensions (bottom of the page)
Ladies V-Neck Teeshirt Dimensions (bottom of the page)
Size Guide


lisalovecat said...

Rev.. I LOVE the ornate Lovecats shirt !!!!! will they be availbale in a women's t ? afraid a men's just doesn't flatter me at all... or would a women's be available at a later date if not now ?? how do I preorder ???

thanks & you rock !!
lisalovecat :).

lisalovecat said...

can you tell me what size women's large is requivalent to ? I don't know if I should order l or xl ?? thanks !!!!

Rev. Heron said...

Hi lisalovecat,

Yes it will be available in ladies sizes, and I have updated the FAQ to include a size and dimension guide link so that you can check it out for yourself.

funeralpartier said...

Rev....your shirts are incredible. I preordered one a few weeks ago and can't wait to put it on my back! When are these masterpieces going to ship?

Rev. Heron said...

Funeralpartier - I'm just waiting on the printer, I know everyone is really looking forward to having these, as am I! I am HOPING to be able to send them out by the end of the week!

Zap said...

hey! ordered a shirt like a month ago, haven't heard anything? everything ok?

stanggirl70 said...

This just KILLS me to find this site so many years after you were doing these shirts! ARRGHHHHH. I love your website, BTW.